Monday, November 29, 2010


From natural disaster to political disaster. Haiti's general election is a shambles -- and one of the presidential candidates tells us why he's boycotting the results.

Juvenile delinquency. Canadian forces didn't just detain Afghan children they suspected of collaborating with the Taliban -- they handed them over to people who'd been accused of torture.

The exile files. Journalist Luis Horacio Najera fled Ciudad Juarez because his life was in danger -- and now, from Canada, he reflects on a lost city, and lost colleagues. 

Mice versa. When Harvard scientists reverse the aging process in test animals, they find a way to make the rodent less travelled. 

Tater familias. Sixty days ago, Chris Voigt got off to a good starch -- and now he's about to wrap up two whole months of eating nothing but potatoes. 

And...hitching her wagon to a star. As if our regular heating bills aren't enough, we're about to be charged a tariff by a Spanish woman who claims she owns the sun.

As It Happens, the Monday edition. Radio that cowers before the sun of all fees.

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