Friday, November 26, 2010


Limping toward democracy. Cholera, communities in ruins, and deep-seated voter skepticism are three enormous problems facing Haiti as its citizens go to the polls.

Death in pursuit of truth. Last night, the late Bibi Ngota of Cameroon won an International Press Freedom Award -- and today, his sister joined Carol to talk about his dedication to journalism.

Face first. A Scottish charity trains dentists to recognizes the signs of domestic abuse in the mouths of their patients.

Ten-gallon hat trick. Half a century after his hurtin' songs were the toast of Nashville, an eighty-year-old Newfoundland country singer saddles up again.

Always a dull moment. A fancy search engine crunches the numbers, and finds that April eleventh, 1954 was the humdrum-est day of the twentieth century.

And...sure, we got bigger -- when they stopped crowding the salad bar. A new study quantifies exactly how much bulkier mammals got, once dinosaurs quit taking up space and eating all the leaves.

As It Happens, the Friday edition. Radio that's beyond the paleocene.

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