Monday, November 22, 2010


Definitely maybe. The United States' ambassador to NATO discusses the plan to have troops out of Afghanistan by 2014 -- and all of its various caveats.

Way more than a three-ring circus. B.C.'s Supreme Court prepares for a long, fraught process, as it addresses the constitutionality of polygamy

The lonely crusade of Wissam Eid. A CBC documentary tells the story of the man who solved the mystery of Rafik Hariri's assassination -- and died for his efforts.  

Tiger, tiger, fading fast. At a conference in Russia, conservationists address the rapidly dwindling number of big cats.

That chip on his shoulder? It's chocolate. The head of Alberta's Health Services does not like to be interrupted while he's trying to eat his cookie.
And...the boxer rebellion. Tired of addressing cheeky questions, the Scottish Tartans Authority suggests it's time to put some knickers on under your kilt.

As It Happens, the Monday edition. Radio that gets a bum wrap.

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