Monday, November 1, 2010

Crime and punishment -- with eight years in between. The Chief of Prosecutions at Guantanamo Bay tells us that justice has been done in the case of Omar Khadr.

Ordnance and ordinances. A Yemeni journalist tells us the international backlash against his country over a terrorist bomb plot has more to do with politics than prudence.

The solitary death of Ashley Smith. An internal Correctional Services report concluded the nineteen-year-old did not commit suicide in prison -- and her family wants that report to be made public.

The fight to save childhood. A feature interview with General Romeo Dallaire about his efforts to stop the use of child soldiers around the world.

A rescue story, in shades of grey. A new documentary celebrates Gyles Mackrell -- who saddled up elephants to carry refugees to safety.

And...into thin R's. When we leave a letter out of mountaineer George Mallory's name, and call him George Malloy, Talkback Everests its case.

As It Happens, the Monday edition. Radio that provokes fits of peak.

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