Friday, October 22, 2010


Adding infection to injury. Ten months after the earthquake, Haiti is struggling to contain an outbreak of cholera that has already killed more than a hundred-and-forty people.

Not so much a Wikileak as a Wiki-deluge. The controversial organization plans to release more than four-hundred thousand classified Iraq War documents.

The ruling: It depends. The Supreme Court says its okay for reporters to protect their sources... sometimes -- and sends the Daniel Leblanc case back to a lower court.

Brothers in harms. A disgusting hazing process for fraternity pledges causes an uproar on the University of Alberta campus.

Prithee, dispatch thine riotous video portraying the farcical antics of cats! That might have been a common cry in the Victorian era, if Charles Babbage's "Analytical Engine" had ever been completed.

And...most doors aren't too old. But in Switzerland, one door is very old -- and we'll find out why that old door is interesting.

As It Happens, the Friday edition. Radio that's very slowly coming unhinged.

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