Thursday, October 7, 2010


Too big for their breaches. Canada's Privacy Commissioner slams Veterans Affairs for sharing a veteran's private health information.

A crime he's unaware of having committed. A Winnipeg Alzheimer's patient is held for assaulting his wife, after he panicked because he didn't recognize her.

His double life may mean a life sentence. Colonel Russell Williams says he will plead guilty to murder, sexual assault and breaking-and-entering.

The story, and its subject, won't go untolled. The RCMP ring up a victory -- when they track down a Nova Scotia town's stolen bell.

When it comes to a carful, you can't be too careful. A British woman's belongings make the move without her, when she finds her stuff was packed into someone else's identical vehicle instead.

And...a one-hitch wonder. In the 'fities, a Welshman set out to hitch-hike around the world -- and now the country's national libray wants to find out what in the world happened to him.

As It Happens, the Thursday edition. Radio that thumbs its nose, and knows its thumbs.

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