Wednesday, October 6, 2010

It couldn't be contained -- and now they can barely contain themselves. A Hungarian environmental group warned the government repeatedly that toxic red sludge could breach a reservoir -- and now it has.

Private thoughts, public battle. An Israeli woman fights for ownership of her father's Holocaust diary -- but Polish officials are going by the book.

A quest for a bequest. An American businessman left fifty million dollars to Panama's poor children -- except the country's Supreme Court rules that he didn't.

See David run. Or rather, see C. David run. Or rather, see C. David Johnson's run in a lavish new musical -- but hear our interview with him first.

He's working for the greater gourd. A British farmer cultivates a pumpkin so monstrous that Cinderella's fairy godmother could have just stuck some wheels on it.

And...before you've even heard his first opinion, we recommend a second opinion. Nevertheless, we welcome back Doctor Robert Fisher -- who explains science using words even he can understand.

As It Happens, the Wednesday edition. Radio whose science expert thinks Newton's First Law is "Get some figs".

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