Friday, September 24, 2010

Igor to get out. After running out of food and being stranded for four days, a nonagenarian on the Bonavista peninsula is finally flown to safety in St. John's.

Putting the Christ in curriculum. A fight erupts in the Texas School Board over whether books deemed 'anti-Christian' should be banned.

Unregistering their support. The Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations seeks exemption from the federal long-gun registry.

A Savage response to savage abuse. Following the suicide of a gay ninth grader, a prominent sex columnist launches a YouTube channel to support tormented gay teens.

FLQ and "A". An interview with the maker of a new documentary about the October Crisis.

And, do you wish you lived in a penthouse? Well, this may put a wrinkle in your plan: A scientist proves that people who reside in skyscrapers age faster than those who live at ground level.

As It Happens, the Friday Edition. Radio that covers the issues of towering concern.

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