Thursday, September 9, 2010

Escaping her certain fate -- to face an uncertain one. Despite an Iranian announcement that his mother won't be stoned to death, the son of Sakineh Ashtiani remains deeply uneasy.

Rogue elements. Five American soldiers are charged with the murder of three Afghan men -- and it's alleged they're part of a "kill team" that deliberately targeted civilians.

Shots echo. A study of staff and students at Dawson College reveals the extent of the trauma caused by the 2006 shooting.

He uses just seventeen -- you know what I mean. I'm talking about syllables -- but in the case of Atlanta's stealthy haiku writer, you won't see him standing there.

Defending his role in a Fonzie scheme. A sitcom writer fights back over his notorious "Happy Days" episode -- and he's not being sarcastic about it being shark-tastic.

And...the meal will just fly by. Bring a healthy appetite and a helmet to a Queen Anne table that's set for supper -- and is also the fastest piece of furniture in the world.

As It Happens, the Thursday edition. Radio that dreads those three terrible words: dinner is swerved.

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