May 7, 2010


Not so much "laughing stock" as "crying stock". The Dow Jones is recovering from vertigo after yesterday's nauseating thousand-point plunge.

The hung and the restless. The British election soap opera isn't over yet -- because the Conservatives fail to secure a majority.

Length and inbredth. Charles Darwin's unfortunate decision to marry his first cousin had genetic repercussions that extended for generations.

Hold the megaphone. An argument over the future of a bullhorn is amplified by the fact that its previous owner was Harvey Milk.

A "Kashmir" sweater. Jason Bonham takes some heat, when he announces he's putting together a Led Zeppelin tour without any actual members of Led Zeppelin.

And...funereality check. We'll touch base with the brain trust of Britain's CURE Party -- which, despite its zombie-rights platform, seems to have failed to work its voodoo on voters.

As It Happens, the Friday edition. Radio that knows success is more complicated than a simple "Abra cadaver."

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