Canadian Air and Space Museum

All week we've been following the story of the closure of the Canadian Air and Space Museum in Toronto.

As news of the museum's closure broke - we spoke with one of the curators, Rob Godwin.

Then to get the other side of the story we went to Chair of The Downsview Park Company, David Soknacki.
In light of the public interest and outcry the Museum's closure has elicited, we thought we'd send a little more info your way, and let you know that the Canadian Air and Space Museum is holding its annual public meeting on Monday and is hoping to hear what area residents have to say about the Museum's ouster:
Annual Public Meeting
Monday, September 26, 2011
7:30 p.m. to 9 p.m.

The Warehouse Event Venue
2 - 35 Carl Hall Road
Downsview Park, Toronto ON
The producer who produced the interviews sent along these links - for your perusal:
An article based on an interview that Mr. Soknacki, the Chair of the Downsview Park Corporation, gave to Canadian Skies, Canada's Premier Aviation Magazine:
The Canadian Air and Space Museum house(d) the last full scale replica of the Avro Arrow. Here's the CBC archives page on the Avro Arrow, including a clip from AIH,on an anniversay of the scrapping of the iconic jet:
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