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So, beatboxing.

It will likely surprise few of you that I am not the coolest kid on the block.  Twenty years ago or so, I fell off the tracks of the high-speed train that is pop music. My IPod is chock-a-block with tunes by bands whose intitial and, likely current, trades involve hairstyling. I've just gone past that magic point on the pop culture teeter totter where your butt plonks back to earth and stays there, never to float into the airy world of current taste again.

Instead of looking forward toward new music, I more and more often find myself looking back the way I've come. Now, instead of plucking Rihanna out of cyberspace, I'm much more likely to download the music my dad had in his LP collection: Merle Haggard, Loretta Lynn, Sonny James.  Or how about The Cult whose music the Davison brothers and I covered in our high school rock n' roll band. Love The Cult. 

Call me nostalgic; I guess I just kinda like guitars. Real guitars. And real drums.

Which brings me to Mike Tompkins.

He doesn't have any of those things. He has a degree in music production, along with his ears and his mouth.

He is a beatboxer. Or beatboxist. He does beatboxing.

When AIH producer Daemon Fairless sent me a link to one of MIke's vids, I was prepared to be polite, because, obviously Daemon was into it.

So I watched it.



The original by Taio Cruz is here.

Pretty impressive. Your own personal taste notwithstanding - you've got to acknowledge the talent and sheer musicality of this dude.

And to top it off, he sounds like a really down to earth guy which,is impressive considering his version of Katy Perry's Teenage Dream has been viewed more than 10 million hits. That's right: ten million.

Check out his conversation with Carol.





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