The Thursday Edition


Highlights Include:

Part One:

* Huawei: Shields. A former Nortel investigator blames Ottawa for failing to act when he warned them Chinese spies were plundering the secrets of a high tech giant.
* Kenya - Canada Lawsuit. Hundreds of girls are marching on the Kenyan High Court to demand protection from police they say are failing them.

Part Two:

* Shock Therapy Doctor. A Calgary psychiatrist on trial for alleged sexually abuse of patients, is also accused of using shock therapy to "cure" gays during the Apartheid era in South Africa.
* River Phoenix Director. Two decades after River Phoenix's death, the director of his final film gives the movie its premiere.

Part Three:

* Mali Women Targeted. The UN assistant secretary general for human rights is concerned that Islamists in Mali are compiling lists of the country's women.
* The universe's most sparkly planet. Astronomers believe that "55 Cancri-e", discovered in 2005, is made mostly of diamonds.

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