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Value statements

CBC is a public broadcaster on three platforms, including television, new media and radio, both regionally and nationally. These media have both strengths and challenges that can be understood and used effectively individually and together.

2. Visual, literary/language, and performing arts are forms of cultural expression and development.

3. It is possible and desirable for our public broadcaster to provide opportunities for artists to explore their artistic concerns and intent across platforms.

4. CBC ARTSPOTS is a project highlighting visual and literary arts, particularly in television and new media. It's based at a community and individual level, but is national in scope.

5. It is possible to represent works of art on television and new media in a way that complements the artist's concerns and intents and/or describes or reflects an artist's personality, approach and/or set of issues in the work. In some cases, it is possible for CBC to present works of art in a way that becomes a conduit for artists, and/or facilitates discussions and engagements about works of art.

6. Television and new media audiences are intelligent, receptive to images and sound that encourage thinking/response/learning, and are sometimes interested in engaging with artists and others about culture, identity and other issues.

7. You do not require an art degree nor do you need to be a practicing artist to understand or be engaged by visual and literary art.

8. Representing the work of Canadian artists can reflect cultural, identity, local and global concerns of interest to a broader Canadian public.

9. Artists make a significant contribution to our society. Culture in the broadest sense of the word helps to define our society.

10. Artists live in particular communities and regions and their work can be of great interest to that community as well as broader communities. Finding ways to reflect and to facilitate engagement between individuals, communities and regions is important to CBC. An emphasis on youth, education, arts & culture, partnerships and outreach, grounded in provinces and regions with both national and regional application, can help to focus CBC's development of CBC ARTSPOTS.

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CBC ARTSPOTS Objectives:

Facilitate the CBC television role as distinctive from private television, in part by the continued development of CBC's unique identity

2. Act as a catalyst for CBC's role as a cultural partner in the community, regionally and nationally

3. Play a role in bringing visual and aural arts to a broader public in a manner that engages and encourages viewers to "see" and to seek out arts & culture experiences, on television, new media and elsewhere

4. Act as a vehicle and departure point for partnerships with the cultural, youth and education communities

5. Increase the level of new production and post-production in the arts in existing and new areas of the country

6. Facilitate the integration of ARTSPOTS web and internet activities with the goals and plans for CBC new media, and develop the web site as a key component of the CBC arts & culture gateway (ARTSCanada)

7. Promote CBC ARTSPOTS within the context of the CBC TV Arts programming strategy, and CBC's overall objectives, particularly in relation to outreach, education, youth, arts & culture

8. Conduct periodic reviews of how ARTSPOTS do and should work

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Regarding the artists:

1. Each has been a practicing artist for at least two years

2. Some are able to help the program by attracting support and audience response, either as up-and-coming artists or as established artists, either through their work and/or their reputation

3. Have work ready for shooting at the time they agree to participate in the CBC ARTSPOTS process

4. Are residents of the province in which the CBC ARTSPOTS are being shot or have strong ties to that province and are Canadian residents

5. Whose bodies of work demonstrate the potential to speak to a broad audience in the view of the advisory group

6. For whom the preparation and shooting schedule can be accommodated within the artists' approach & lifestyle, including transportation and insurance of the work, and within the limitations posed by resource availability

7. Are prepared to work with the CBC producer and crew on the timeline agreed, and to participate fully in the preparatory, production and post-production processes

8. Self-select by responding to a request to participate by outlining an approach and selecting three or more works that become the subject of the ARTSPOTS process.

9. Are comfortable with the selection process, which is a broadly based nomination and curatorial selection process for a long and short list involving the advisory groups, with final selection at the discretion of CBC

10. Are able to articulate their intent/approach/concerns in a way that can be used in the 30-second ARTSPOT; in some cases, this may mean something as specific as hearing the artist's voice; in others, this may mean the development of visual and aural imagery which accomplishes the articulation

11. Some are comfortable with the possibility of acting as a spokesperson for CBC ARTSPOTS within the artistic community, to potential funders or within CBC

12. Are prepared to engage in discussions about the CBC ARTSPOTS experience in order to refine and help make the process increasingly workable.

13. Are available for an interview during the production process which may or may not be used in packaging CBC ARTSPOTS for other distribution opportunities

Regarding the work chosen for CBC ARTSPOTS:

1. Through broadcast on television and/or on the website, reflects or represents the intent and approach of the artist

2. Represents the work in a manner understandable to a broad audience

3. Can be shot using a small crew in one to two days of shooting

4. Accommodates the technical limitations and availability of editing time, and can be edited in one to two shifts of editing, producing an average of three CBC ARTSPOTS per artist

5. Is appropriate for broadcast on CBC (television and website)

6. Engages the interest of viewers in a respectful manner, without suppressing controversial issues

7. Features current work that can be broadcast over a period of years

8. Can be shot and edited to accommodate a CBC ARTSPOTS signature of about 3 seconds' duration at the end

9. Is owned by the artist or for which permission to use can be easily secured

CBC ARTSPOTS is committed to finding and portraying the work of artists in a manner that:

1. Provokes thought about the practice and processes of art

2. Articulates modern-day concerns about art

3. Contributes to the dialogue between television and visual arts about the visual aesthetic

4. Can be broadcast anytime in the regular programming day

5. Can be broadcast repeatedly without becoming "stale"

6. Can potentially be paired with an interview or other component and repackaged for television news, or related programming

7. Can be adapted for the CBC website

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