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Artspots Update 21 May 2008

We’re moving!

In January, Artspots celebrated its 10th anniversary, and the decision was made within CBC that the first order of business was to consolidate and inventory the content we've collected over those last ten years. That process will be complete by May 30.

CBC Television has invested significant resources in growing the Artspots project from a 30-second focus on art in Halifax, to an impressive Canadian collection of contemporary art. In the digital age, this flexible and valuable resource cannot grow any further within the constraints of the broadcast industry.

In order to build on the 10 years of success and celebrate your contributions, CBC has made the decision to gift the entire Artspots Collection to a Canadian cultural institution which will continue to share this body of work and explore opportunities to enable it to continue to grow.

On May 30, the Artspots office within CBC will formally close. The site will remain operational until the Artspots Collection fully migrates to its new home. Later this year details will be in place, and you’ll be the first to know. If you are using Artspots content already, nothing changes around the rights you already have. These items are still being used for promotional, educational and non-profit use.

CBC’s National Partnership Office will be working on the migration of the material. Should you have any questions following May 30 th feel free to contact them; their contact information is below. Once the Artspots Collection lands in its new home, and as part of the migration of the project, contact information for our 1,500 contacts, including you, will be provided to the recipient, so that everyone can be apprised of developments as they occur. For those of you who already know you want to continue to be actively involved in Artspots, feel free to let me know by May 28 th, and I’ll make a note in the records.

There are over 300 artists whose work is found in the Artspots Collection, and 1,200 close cultural contacts who have worked with us in partnerships, content and growing Canadian art over the past ten years. Once again, my deepest personal and professional thanks for participating and contributing to the collection.

Finally, for those of you who want to remain directly in touch with me, you can reach me via email.

Warmest regards,

Mary Elizabeth Luka, Executive Producer, CBC Artspots

CBC National Partnership Office

Jennifer Gillivan, National Executive in Charge of Partnerships

Annette Carter, Account Manager, Partnerships

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