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three rivers / wild waters, sacred places

In 2003, CPAWS-Yukon (Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society, Yukon Chapter) invited 11 nationally prominent artists, writers, journalists and photographers to join 26 people from the Yukon and Northwest Territories on three separate but simultaneous journeys along the Snake, the Wind, and the Bonnet Plume rivers. The artistic fruits of those experiences culminated in the acclaimed Three Rivers: Wild Waters, Sacred Places art exhibition that launched in Whitehorse in the fall of 2004.

Two ARTSPOTS artists participated in this grand adventure. Ron Bolt believes that part of his responsibility as an artist is to make people aware of what we are losing to "progress". Haruko Okano wants viewers to understand the impact humankind is having on our fragile wilderness.

This vibrant show is on a Canadian tour in 2005, and you can find out where it will be appearing next by going to the CPAWS Yukon Web site.

"Imagine This" by Ron Bolt, three oil paintings on canvass, from a series of pieces produced as a result of the artist's participation in the Three Rivers project.


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