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Artspots is a hub for Canadian arts videos. Hundreds of videos and interviews live here, exploring contemporary art, fine crafts, design and applied art, video art, as well as documentary and archival news items. Over the last ten years, we've learned a thing or two about putting art online and on tv. In the last year, we've rewritten the CBC Artspots Bible to become a general "how to" manual about shooting short videos on the arts. We've also shot a few videos exploring the Artspots process and key production considerations, including interviewing, lighting, and where to find art. Take a look!

Read the Artspots "How To" Manual in Pdf


Mary Elizabeth Luka

On Artspots

(Runs 3:03)

Mary Elizabeth Luka

On Advisory Group Process

(Runs 3:50)

Sandra Alfoldy

On Criteria

(Runs 8:16)

On Interviewing

(Runs 3:05)

On Lighting & Camera

(Runs 2:58)

On Editing

(Runs 3:20)


Lukas Pearse

On Where to Find Art

(Runs 1:09)


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