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Flatrock, NFLD
www.Tara Bryan

About the Gros Morne Experience:
The air in Newfoundland is tangible and softens the light, making the landscape delicious and mysterious. Since 1989, when I first visited the province, I have been painting the coastline in oils, watercolour, and

I went to Gros Morne with some ideas and a vague plan for the large book which would be the focus of my work there. My dog, Pancho Villa, went with me, and we hiked and looked, and drove around and hiked and looked some more. I borrowed aerial photos of the Tablelands and Green Garden from the Park office, and when it rained, I worked on a large topographic drawing of the area.

It was a treat to have a block of time in the rhythm of making art without worrying about the distractions of daily life.

Someone I passed on the trail said they had seen yellow ladyslippers on the other side of the Green Garden hike, so I went to try to find them. I didn't see the flowers, but ran into a female grouse with chicks, and had to wait for them to explore and be herded away before she would let me go down the path. The park is magical, and the staff and local people were fabulous.

Biographical Experience:
� grew up in Texas and Oklahoma, drawing as soon as she could hold a pencil
� composed music at University while continuing to draw
� became focused on visual art after an epiphany in the late 70's
� studied calligraphy and traditional ink painting for a year while teaching English in Sichuan Province, China




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