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Calgary AB

About the Gros Morne Experience:

The month spent at Gros Morne National Park was action packed. I tried to explore and absorb as much as I could on foot, boat and by vehicle. Being from the west coast of Canada, I was overwhelmed by the differences in landscape, climate and vegetation. I was very fortunate to have had the opportunity to learn more about the park's plants and eco system from Michael Burzynski and Anne Marceau - both extremely knowledgeable naturalists in the park. They taught me about the invasive plants in Gros Morne that are threatening the habitat of rare plants such as the wild orchids. I collected those invasive plants (Black Knap Weed, Colt's Foot) and made hundreds of sheets of paper out of them. Those sheets were then taken to Japan and used to make packaging for the Parolin Products Eaten Leaves Series. This product was created with help from leaf-eating insects of the Tokyo area. Out of over 200 hand picked leaves, only four where selected to be reproduced in traditional Japanese woodblock technique. The insects were the designers and Parolin Products the publisher. The packages are sealed shut and must be torn open to see the print inside.

Selected Exhibitions, Professional Experience:

  • "Parolin Products - Home", Herringer Kiss Gallery, Calgary, AB, Canada, 2004
  • "Parolin Products, Second Time Round", Gallery Pirka. Tokyo, Japan, 2003
  • "Parolin Products for Busy People" Harcourt House Gallery, Edmonton, AB 2003
  • "Parolin Products-The Executive Series", State Gallery, Vancouver, B.C. Canada, 2002
  • Visiting artist at Emily Carr Institute, Vancouver 2003-04
  • Research Fellowship at Musashino Art University, Tokyo, Japan, 2003
  • Art Studio Itsukaichi Residency, Tokyo, Japan, 2002
  • Banff Centre of the ArtsThematic Residency - SloMo, Banff, AB, Canada, 2001



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