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Torbay, NL
Christina Parker Gallery

About the Gros Morne Experience:
For four weeks in 2001, I was immersed in the wonderful environment of the national park at Gros Morne. From the first day, when confronted by over 1,000 small Yellow Lady’s Slipper orchids growing tenaciously on the uncompromising rocks of the tablelands, I knew that I would see this awe-inspiring terrain from the plants' point of view. On looking closer, there were whole colonies of butterworts, green orchids, Arctic birch and tiny primroses.

I work by continuously observing the surrounding environment. I build up a storehouse of experiences, and memories that are supported by an expanding collection of reference photographs and scientific facts. Through contemplation and emotional response, these things provide the stimulus for my work.

I attempt to present a unique view of the seabirds along Newoundland's rocky cliffs and bogs, forests and fields, and the underwater world beyond it's shoreline. I capture this natural environment, using the vibrant colour and translucency of watercolour or the brilliance of procion dyes on silks, showing the duality of the fragile durability under the harsh conditions on this edge of Canada.

Selected Exhibitions and Awards:
"Groundcover", Christina Parker Fine Art, St.John's, NL, 2002
"Coastlines", Canadian Embassy, Tokyo, Japan, 2001
"Castles in the Sea – All About Icebergs", Christina Parker Fine Art, St.John's, NL, 2000
"Trace", group show, Devon House Craft Gallery, St John’s, NL, 2000
"Land, Sea and Sky", 3-person show, Cultural Centre, Harlow, England, 2000





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