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Severna Park, MD, USA

About the Gros Morne Experience:
The Gros Morne Residency gave me a unique opportunity to immerse myself in a very good story.

Here are snippets of the story I found:

Dense stands of spruce
and newspaper clippings on moose antics.
Fields of daisies and coils of nylon ropes.
Rocks filled with heavy metals
and packets of powdered cheese.
Rolls of pink cumulus clouds
and jars of pickled rhubarb.
Softly terraced hills and forthright gabled roofs.

Ditch weeds in a transcendent state of loveliness and purple pickups with mud strewn underbodies.

Buoyant green bogs spiked with piney outposts
and teetering timber trucks chugging up the pass.

A balding mountain cloaked in mackerel grey amber and an RV with plaid lawn chairs and old Newfoundland flags.

I hope to remain in this story for a long time.





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