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St.John's, NFLD

About the Gros Morne Experience:
Gros Morne Park is a beautiful and spectacular place. I spent a great deal of time in areas rich in plant and animal life - on hiking trails, at beaches and in tidal pools, as well as in many of the small communities that sit on the periphery of the park.

I was particularly drawn to Shallow Bay, a long white sandy beach that offers up numerous varieties of sea weeds, shells, and fine grained sand to cast in and Trout River, a small outport that boasts a beach of black coarse sand.

My art practice (assemblage, multimedia, installation) revolves primarily around my interest in the tentative and fragile nature of human existence and in the various ways in which we mark that existence. I have become increasingly interested in how our bodies, our moods and our behavior are shaped by and speak of our relationship to the social and cultural environments in which we grow; and how that in turn determines how we protect our vulnerable emotional, psychological and spiritual selves.

With the intention of finding shapes and textures in the natural environment to use as visual metaphors in my artwork, I sought out and studied various containers of plant and animal forms (shells, pods, egg cases, skins) and their corresponding survival and adaptation tactics (hard bodies, burrs and thorns, odour, camouflage, buoyancy) and the fragile cores they protected (mollusks, seeds, eggs, flesh).

The residency at Grod Morne was fruitful. I made several pieces while there and amassed a catalogue of references for future work.

Selected Exhibitions:
"Speaking in Skins", RCA Gallery, St.John's, NFLD 2000
"Art in the Park 2001", Discovery Centre, Woody Point NFLD July-Oct. 8 2001
� Sir Wilfred Grenfell Gallery, Corner Brook, NFLD 2002






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