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Walpole, MA, USA

About the Gros Morne Experience:
I was somewhat apprehensive to tackle the vast open landscape at Gros Morne National Park. I was used to photographing the New England woods; these woodlands are like a familiar friend - a soft blanket wrapping around me as I walk.

At Gros Morne, the large rugged vistas were alien and elusive. I found the experience of hiking into the Tablelands to be too large to capture through my insignificant 35mm lens. I was afraid of trivializing the space.

During the three weeks of my residency I shot over 60 rolls of film, enough film for about 10 large photo collages. Often I felt that I was thrashing a small plastic fly swatter against the heavens. It will take me at least three years working with the images to realize their success or failure.

After discussions with Park personnel and residents of the area, and exploring the terrain by foot, boat and helicopter, I began to have a tentative feeling for the Park's ways. While on a boat trip in Western Brook Pond, I was riveted by the changing vistas of cliffs and sky.

In my work, I've attempted to capture some of the rugged spirituality I sense in the landscape at Gros Morne - the dignity, power, and density of the rock. I allow the rock structures to jettison from the bounds of earth and free-float in out imaginations. Here, the rock forms become symbols rather than representations of my experience.

Selected Exhibitions, Residencies, Awards:
"Visions & Landscapes", solo, Cummings Arts Centre, Connecticut College, New London CT 2001
"Higher Laws: Views of Walden", solo, The Horn Gallery, Babson College, Wellesley, MA 1998
Artist Residency, Kalani Honua Inc., Pahua, HI 1997
"Seamless Space - Integration of Computer Technology in Photo Collage", Virginia Kaneb Faculty Scholarship, Regis College, Weston, MA 2000



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