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St.Michael's, NFLD

About the Gros Morne Experience:
Over the last 20 years I have traveled to a lot of amazing, remote and beautiful places in this country, doing residencies and teaching workshops for various arts councils, universities and art colleges.

I've loved every moment of the swash-and-buckle adventures, discovering parts of Canada that I knew nothing about, meeting and working with new people, making new art-friends... and drawing all the way.

However, none of that compares with the Gros Morne Residency, in making such a huge impact on the way I make art. Suddenly, my thinking made sort of a sharp right-hand turn, and a new way of dealing with the environment emerged in my imagery.

Works that I have done based on my Gros Morne journals have been exhibited in many Canadian cities, in the USA, the British Isles, Japan and Taiwan.

Three years, 2 books and all of these solo and group exhibitions later, I'm still going down the road that began in Woody Point in July 1998; and there are still so many ideas in my head based on a progression of what started in Gros Morne that have yet to be dealt with.

Selected Exhibitions, Memberships:
"Gros Morne Journals & Translations", Art Gallery, Grenfell College, Corner Brook, NFLD 2001
"Barry Graphics", at Harlow Campus, MUN, England and at Art Gallery, University of Ulster, Belfast, Northern Ireland 2001
Committee for Arts Education, Memorial University of Newfoundland, St.John's, NFLD 1999-2000
� Honourary Doctor of Letters degree, Memorial University, St.John's NFLD 1997
� Elected to the Royal Canadian Academy of Art, 1995





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