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Public Art in Ottawa

Have a look at some of Ottawa's public art, hosted by Terry Sametz, profiled on CBC's Living in Ottawa.

"How To" Artspots

Artspots is a hub for Canadian arts videos. Hundreds of videos and interviews live here, exploring contemporary art, fine crafts, design and applied art, video art, as well as documentary and archival news items. Take a look at How To make Artspots


Watch videos and listen to great music! SoundStories profiles Canadian musicians, composers and technicians, who use digital technology in innovative ways.

Made in Canada Made in Canada
Watch videos profiling products, arts, and services made in Canada by Canadians.

Alberta High School Project Alberta High School Pilot Project
Watch short videos produced by Alberta high school students several high schools in Alberta to inspire students to produce their own short videos about the arts and artists in their schools

NeoCraft NeoCraft Conference 2007
Visit art galleries throughout the city of Halifax during the NeoCraft Conference. We spoke with artists, gallery owners, and visitors from around the world who met in Halifax November 23-25 to talk about and explore craft.

Hand Made - Hand Held
We visit the homes of several different craft collectors across the country in this entertaining documentary. From dolls to quilts, glass to baskets, ceramics to sculpture - we look at why people love to collect handmade objects.

For the Love of Craft / Pour l'amour de l'artisanat
Watch Canada's finest craftspeople demonstrate their remarkable skills. And meet passionate collectors of unique Canadian craft.

Regardez les artisans les plus dou�s du Canada faire la d�monstration de leur savoir-faire remarquable et rencontrez des collectionneurs passionn�s d'artisanat canadien.

three rivers / wild waters, sacred places
Journey through the northern wilderness with 11 prominent artists, writers, journalists and photographers as they explore the Snake, the Wind, and the Bonnet Plume rivers in the Yukon and Northwest Territories.

Design à GoGo / Cool '60s Design
Take a video trip through the 60's with CBC Digital Archives!
Transportez-vous dans les années 1960 avec les Archives de Radio-Canada!

Bronfman Award
We've been making ARTSPOTS with the recipients of the Prix Saidye Bronfman Award for excellence in the fine crafts. Meet all the Prix Saidye Bronfman Award recipients and see their ARTSPOTS!

Emerging Artists
Meet 45 emerging artists from every province and territory. They joined forces in Campbellton, NB, to create a gala musical show for the 2003 Canada Winter Games.

Prix Saidye Bronfman Award
Meet the talented artists who have won this award in our feature animation to celebrate the twenty-fifth anniversary of the Prix Saidye Bronfman Award!

Gros Morne Artists-in-Residence

Find out how the rugged mountain landscape and coastal bogs have influenced and inspired participants in the Gros Morne Artist-in-Residence program.

Art & Craft
What's the difference between Art and Craft? Watch our flash movie and see if you can tell the difference.

Ever wondered what the terminology of art means & how it's used? Herewith, one exploration of the work shown in CBC ARTSPOTS.

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