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Victoria, BC

"Being an artist means working pretty much 24 hours a day because you're using all aspects of your life in your work - your dreams, your wounds - all the things that happen to you. It's a lifestyle."

� Born in Calgary, Alberta

� Mentored with Waine Ryzak, Michael Hemmings

Selected Painting/Sculpture Exhibitions:
� "The Winter Show", group, Martin Bachelor Gallery, Victoria, BC 2002
� "New Work", solo, Circle Craft Gallery, Vancouver, BC 1999, 2002
� "suddenlyHISTORY", with David Ferguson, Open Space, Victoria, BC 2002
� Awarded a "People's Choice Award" at "Artropolis: Erosion" exhibition, CBC Television Studios, Vancouver, BC 2001

Selected Multi-Media Projects, Residencies:
� "Trilogy", designer and videographer for 50-minute video and stage performance, Suddenly Dance Theatre, Victoria, BC 2003
� "Letters for Tomas", multi media stage design, Puente Theatre, Victoria, BC 2002
� "Naming the Light", with Wes Wragget, sound and spoken word performance with video projection, Martin Batchelor Gallery, Victoria, BC 2002
� "A Dance in 500 CD ROM", concept and video, multi media project with 500 photographs, video, text and music, Suddenly Dance Theatre, Victoria, BC 2002
� Residency, The Tyrone Guthrie Centre - Ireland, for painting, 1994/96/97/99
� Artist in Residence, Edward Milne School, Sooke, BC 1998




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