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Vancouver BC
Catriona Jeffries Gallery

"In paying attention to my life, I find that what may appear to be personal narratives in fact implicate larger social and historical considerations. Seen in this light, what I chose to recount is no longer about me as an isolated individual."*

� Born in Seoul, Korea

� Bachelor of Arts, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC 1985
� Bachelor of Fine Arts, Emily Carr College of Art and Design, Vancouver, BC 1990
� Master of Fine Arts, Concordia University, Montreal, PQ 1992

Selected Exhibitions:
� Presentation House, solo, North Vancouver, BC 2001
� "New Republics", group/touring show, Edmonton Art Gallery, Edmonton, AB 2000 / three galleries in Australia, in 2000 / two galleries in England, in 1999
� "Unbound Geographies/Fused Histories", group, A space, Toronto, ON 1999
� "Lautre en soi/The Other Within", Musee Regional de Rimouski, Rimouski, PQ 1999
� "between departure and arrival", solo, Western Front Gallery, Vancouver, BC 1997
� "Imagining Communities (bojagi)", solo, Artspeak Gallery, Vancouver, BC 1996


*(taken from "Other Conundrums", a catalogue essay by Monika Kin Gagnon, based on interviews with Jin-me Yoon, for the exhibition catalogue "between departure and arrival", for Western Front, published in Winter 1998)


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