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Studio Location:
719 Mowat Drive
St.Andrews, NB
Visitors Welcome

"I used to agonize over a piece if it didn't turn out. I'd put so much time and effort into it. It had to be perfect. Now if a piece is not quite centred it doesn't bother me as much as it used to... I've mastered the technique, so now I'm letting the glass have some of that back so it can control me a little."

� Graduate of Hot Glass Program, Georgian College of Applied Arts and Technology, ON
� Two year apprenticeship, Demaine Studio, NB

Selected Exhibitions:
� "Recent Works", Regent Craft Gallery, Fredericton, NB
� "Northern Lights", Harbour Square Gallery, Camden Maine
� "Rhapsody in Glass", Accents Gallery, Ottawa, ON

Awards, Memberships:
� "Best in Show", NSDCC Christmas Show, Halifax, NS
� "Best in Show", Glass Category, NBCC Summer Show, Fredericton, NB
� New Brunswick Crafts Council
� Nova Scotia Designer Crafts Council


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