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I was born and raised in a small farming village in Germany, in an environment rich with history, art and music. From an early age, I was encouraged to express my creative instincts in a variety of ways.

I clearly remember the day when I earned my first bicycle. I rode it to a distant brick yard and begged for a lump of clay, to model a figure which I planned in my head. This event probably sparked the fascination this material still holds for me.

After the end of the war, the pursuit of an art or craft career was still seen as a vehicle to starvation, so I obligingly passed through a banking apprenticeship and three years as accountant at different bank branches.

In 1959, I arrived in Canada, and newfound freedom. While working for six years at a Montreal bank, I would spend evenings and weekends at the Potter's Club with like-minded enthusiasts, learning and exploring the secrets of the craft. I attended wonderful workshops. Within a year's time I was entrusted to instruct beginner classes. In 1962, I presented my first exhibition, together with a batik artist.

In 1967, I felt ready to stand on my own two feet and became a full-time potter and artist, creating mostly one-of-a-kind pottery, ceramic sculpture, musical instruments, tiles and screens.

In 1970, I moved my family to Cushing, Quebec on the Ottawa River, where I built my own studio and kilns, including kilns for firing salt and Raku pots. I joined the Metiers d'Art du Quebec. On Sunday mornings, I participated in exhibits on the terraces of the National Art Centre in Ottawa.



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