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Ottawa, Ontario
Website: Eliza Griffiths

"My work is really about my interest in humanity, human nature, and human experience; the psychological as well as the sociological."

� Born in London, England, emigrating to Canada in 1973

� Bachelor of Fine Arts (studio), Concordia University, Montreal 1991
� Completed course work for Masters in Art History/Theory, Carlton University, Ottawa 1998

Selected Exhibitions:
� Hallwells Contemporary Arts Centre, Buffalo, New York 2002
� "Le Besoin", Katherine Mulherin Gallery, Toronto, ON 2001
� The Douglas Udell Gallery, Edmonton, AB 2000
� "More Stories of Girls", The Dunlop Gallery, Regina, SK 1999
� "Stories of Girls", The Saidye Bronfman Centre for the Arts, Montreal, QC 1998
� "Karate Girls and Proteges", Mercer Union, Toronto, ON 1997

Selected Awards, Professional Activities:
� Ontario Arts Council Exhibition Assistance Grants, 1995/'98/'00
� "A" Grant, Regional Municipality of Ottawa-Carlton, 1999/'01
� Part-time painting professor, University of Carlton, Ottawa, ON 2000/'02
� Invited Speaker, "Gender and Genre" symposium, Carlton University, Ottawa, ON 2000
� Invited artist for Francofete, Galerie Sans Nom, Moncton, NB 1999
� "Artists with their work" program, Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto, ON 1998




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