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Andreas Guibert Performance Art

Halifax, NS

"I definitely believe that the art practice is a curse, a kind of condemnation that eventually will suck my life force and trans-substanciate it into an object, idea or a time based residue."

� Born in Argentina, moved to Brazil in early 80's, moved to Nova Scotia in 1989, then to England in 1994, came back to Nova Scotia in 1995.

� Grade 12 Cardinal Newman College, Buenos Aires, Argentina
� BA in Visual Arts, C.O.N.C.U.D.E.C., Buenos Aires, Argentina

Selected Performances/Exhibitions:
� "99 � C/F Contemporary Performing Art Festival", Anna Leonowens Gallery, Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, Halifax, NS 1999
� "Performance Bytes", First Interactive Performances on WWW, Subject/Ophelia, Centre for Art Tapes, Halifax NS 1997
� 1st International Video Festival, ICI, Argentina
� Tra Scilla e Cariddi, Milan, Italy 1989

Awards, Affiliations:
� Several "MT&T New Media Awards", NS 1998-1999
� Board Member, "Center for Art Tapes", Halifax, NS
� Founding Member, OO Gallery, Halifax, NS
� On the WWW: Frameworks, Lavander healing network, ID Collective

Teaching experience:
� Drawing and painting courses, Continuing Education, Halifax and Musquodoboit Harbour, NS
� Private art classes for environmentally ill patients, Halifax Infirmary, NS




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