TIFF Headlines

Photos TIFF 2014: This is Where I Leave You - Red carpet highlights
Jason Bateman, Tina Fey, Jane Fonda debut their film, This is Where I Leave You, at Roy Thompson Hall on Sunday, Sept. 7, as part of the Toronto International Film festival.
Photos TIFF 2014: Black and White: Red carpet highlights
Kevin Costner, Octavia Spencer debut their Black and White at Roy Thompson Hall on Saturday, Sept. 6.
12 Years a Slave nabs TIFF People's Choice Award video
After 11 days of packed with movies, stars and cinematic exploration, the Toronto International Film Festival comes to a close with its influential awards ceremony, handing the top prize, the audience award, to 12 Years a Slave.
TIFF doc The Square wins People's Choice award video
Billed as the "story behind the headlines," The Square, by Egyptian-American director Jehane Noujaim and featuring actor Khalid Abdalla, presents a gritty, at times visceral documentary look at the revolution in Egypt.
TIFF 2013 favourites: CBCers share their top picks
As TIFF's frenzy of film comes to a close for 2013, CBCers who covered this year's fest offer up some quick notes on their favourites of this edition. Look for these movies in the coming months at a cinema near you.
Interactive TIFF People's Choice award heralds film industry kudos
TIFF is now seen as an important testing ground for the subsequent fall movie season and a bellwether for major film honours, from the Oscars and Golden Globes to the BAFTAs and more. Check out the track record of past TIFF People's Choice winners.
TIFF: Top Canadian film talents to watch video
A new wave of promising Canadian up-and-comers have made a splash at TIFF, releasing debut features that showcase striking performances, atypical perspectives and appealing stories.
TIFF fashions: cast your vote
Each TIFF is packed with red carpets, photo calls, parties and interviews, providing celebs with countless opportunities to show off their sartorial savvy — or perhaps make a giant fashion faux-pas. Check out our gallery of TIFF13's most eye-catching outfits and vote: style hit or miss?
Audio The F Word's Zoe Kazan on falling for friends
Actress reflects on working with Daniel Radcliffe and the fine line between friendship and romance.
Video TIFF revisits Ken Taylor's Canadian Caper with documentary video
A year after the Hollywood thriller Argo began its race to the Oscars while at TIFF, a documentary that reveals the real story behind the Canadian Caper is making its debut at the Toronto festival.
TIFF 2013: Stars share their favourite soundtracks
What's your favourite soundtrack? When I was a kid, it was a toss up between The Big Chill and Stand By Me. Stars like David Cronenberg and Kristen Wiig share their favourite movie soundtracks.
Photos Thompson, Pitt, Bullock, and more: top TIFF pictures
The best of the best images from the annual cinematic celebration, running through Sept. 15 in Toronto.
Video The Art of the Steal inspired by '50s-era heist films video
Heavier-themed films dominated the discussion at the Toronto International Film Festival, but the lineup also featured lighter fare like local filmmaker Jonathan Sobol's throwback heist flick The Art of the Steal.
TIFF: Daniel Radcliffe rom-com The F Word garners festival buzz video
The Daniel Radcliffe-Zoe Kazan romantic comedy The F Word is the perfect date movie, says its director Michael Dowse: 'Girls will go see it and boyfriends will come and won't want to throw up in their own mouths.'
911 called from TIFF screening, cellphone usage reported
A blogger called Toronto police to report movie piracy at TIFF
Blog TIFF: 5 things we learned from Jay Z's Made in America
Made in America, the Ron Howard-directed documentary about the festival of the same name that Jay Z put on in Philadelphia last year, had its world premiere at TIFF last week and will air Oct. 11 on Showtime.
The Grand Seduction premieres at TIFF audio
Taylor Kitsch, Gordon Pinsent and other stars of The Grand Seduction, a remake of a French-Canadian comic hit, walked the red carpet Sunday night.
TIFF standing ovation for Matthew McConaughey video
The Toronto International Film Festival greeted Matthew McConaughey with a rousing standing ovation for his performance in Dallas Buyers Club.
Surviving TIFF: Best tips from insiders, directors and festivalgoers video
TIFF can be daunting for first-timers. Programmers, filmmakers and longtime attendees share their advice on the best way to enjoy the film festival.