Why one widow says her husband's death made loneliness more manageable

Evie Wallace says the loneliness of having a chronically-ill spouse can be harder to confront than the loneliness of being alone.

'It's not something we talk about … but it's a real issue': The isolation of new motherhood

Social media was feeding new mom Audrey Poulin’s loneliness, so she made an app to help other mothers connect

Trump's 'bruised ego' prompted decision to cancel summit with North Korea, says prof

A month ago, there was talk of a Nobel Peace Prize. But now, peace on the Korean Peninsula seems as elusive as ever.

Former inmate says the one thing lonelier than addiction is prison

Johanne Wendy Bariteau says prison may be necessary, but the loneliness that goes with it isn’t.

Student voters looking for tuition, mental health help

One of the most pressing concerns for college and university students as the election nears is the cost of tuition, says one McMaster University student who is facing down $30,000 in student loan debt.

Why a divorced dad had trouble telling his buddies he felt lonely

Vancouver comedian Patrick Maliha believes some middle-aged men would rather sit at home in sad solitude than have to talk about their feelings.

'I do grab anything I can to move on in life': Dealing with loneliness in the senior years

Keeping busy is key to avoiding loneliness, say three senior women who meet up every week.
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The Lonely Road

It cuts across ages, genders, relationships, and classes. New research suggests it can lead to an early death. And in the United Kingdom, a minister has been appointed to tackle it with policy. This week, Piya asks: How do you confront loneliness?

Oil prices retreat as OPEC, Russia prepared to raise output under U.S. pressure

Saudi Arabia and Russia are discussing raising OPEC and non-OPEC oil production by some 1 million barrels a day, sources said, while OPEC's chief said a complaint from U.S. President Donald Trump over high prices had triggered the idea of upping output.

Ottawa police investigate assault at Christian Science Reading Room

Ottawa police are investigating allegations of an assault at the Christian Science Reading Room on Laurier Ave.

Netherlands, Australia holding Russia 'accountable' for downing of MH17

The Netherlands and Australia said Friday they are holding Russia legally responsible for the downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17, which was shot down over war-ravaged Eastern Ukraine nearly four years ago, killing all 298 people aboard.

Assault at Christian Science Reading Room

A woman was critically injured Thursday afternoon in the building on Laurier Avenue.

Prepare for detours: Road construction season gets underway in Fredericton

Friday marks the first day of road construction in New Brunswick's capital city.

Forest fire shifts away from Ashern, evacuation alert lifted

The two-hour evacuation alert for the community of Ashern, Man., has been lifted.

Council chair, NDP MLA slam conditions at Regina's Argyle School as 'unacceptable'

Students at Regina’s Argyle School had a wet start to their Thursday morning, as a downpour of rain saw water leaking from the ceilings and dripping through the walls of the school.

Malahat Highway reopens after fuel truck crash

The long closure snarled travel plans for several drivers, many of whom were stuck in traffic for hours.

At least 2 dead in Highway 401 crash in Kingston, Ont.

At least two people are dead after an SUV and a tractor-trailer collided near the western border of Kingston, Ont., Friday morning, OPP say.

2 men wanted after improvised explosive device blast at Mississauga restaurant injures 15

Police are searching for two men in connection with an improvised explosive device (IED) blast inside a restaurant in Mississauga, Ont., that wounded 15 people.

Construction season has begun in Fredericton

There are 22 major construction projects taking place in Fredericton this summer, which will cost more than $30 million.

'You feel you're not alone': African pavilion returns to Mosaic after population doubles since 2011

The African pavilion is being brought back to Mosaic after being gone for more than 10 years because the African population doubled in Saskatchewan and now there are enough volunteers to run the pavilion.

Ready or not, Canadian business may face sanctions under EU's new privacy law

Any Canadian business that collects personal information about residents of the European Union — whether they're tourists, students or online customers — risks maximum fines of $30 million or more if a sweeping new EU privacy law that takes effect Friday is violated.

Harvey Weinstein surrenders to NYPD, expected to face sex assault charges

Film producer Harvey Weinstein surrendered on Friday to authorities at a New York City police station on sex crime charges, months after he was toppled from Hollywood's most powerful ranks by scores of women accusing him of misconduct.

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London police issue warning after suspected purple fentanyl seized

A public warning has been issued after police seized a purple substance that may contain the deadly opioid fentanyl.

Woman apologizes after bumping into empty hallway where someone was standing 40 minutes ago

Becca Martin, 24, would like everyone to know that she feels “just absolutely TERRIBLE” after accidentally bumping into the general atmospheric conditions in a long, completely empty hallway in her office.