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The cultural appropriation debate isn't about free speech — it's about context

Indigenous writer Alicia Elliott explains why invoking "free speech" arguments around cultural appropriation ignores Canada's history of oppression.

Indigenous writer Alicia Elliott explains why 'free speech' arguments ignore Canada's history of oppression

In this performance piece, artist Gregg Deal — a member of the Pyramid Lake Paiute tribe — dressed as a Plains Indian outside the Denver Art Museum. Deal spoke with CBC Radio's Unreserved about the piece in late 2015. (courtesy Gregg Deal)

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Alicia Elliott

Alicia Elliott

Alicia Elliott is a Tuscarora writer living in Brantford, Ontario. Her writing has been published most recently in Room, Grain and The New Quarterly. Her essay "A Mind Spread Out on the Ground," originally appearing in The Malahat Review, is nominated for a National Magazine Award.