Indy Spirit

Raiders of the Lost Ark: the remake

By Katrina Onstad
Chris Strompolos (top), Jayson Lamb (lower left), Eric Zala (right).
Chris Strompolos (top), Jayson Lamb (lower left), Eric Zala (right).

Jayson Lamb, Chris Strompolos and Eric Zala on location for Raiders: The Adaptation

"That’s the iconic image. I took the picture with a timer. There are actually very few photographs of us making the movie. We were getting ready to paint the truck white and light it on fire in the next week, so I said, ‘Hey guys, let’s just go out on the dirt road and let’s set up my tripod and camera,’ and we took some shots. All three of our personalities are there in full force.

I am Indiana. I’m sprawled across the truck, a happy, cocky 16-year-old kid, legs spread apart, just fully inhabiting the skin of Indiana Jones, coming into my own. Eric in his striped shirt and geeky little shorts, arms folded. Conviction; focused, visionary. Jayson: door broken off the track with this fluffy ‘80s new wave haircut, gazing off into the sky. It says a lot about our personalities, the hierarchy between us, our relationships. It says that we were all consumed. I think it’s the perfect photograph.

Eric and I had a sincere falling out on a few occasions. I got a little flirtatious with Eric’s girlfriend, took her out for a salad or something. Nothing ever happened but I had sort of advanced myself. I think before that, Eric and I balanced each other out because he had a lot of qualities I didn’t have and I had a lot of qualities he didn’t have, but with girls… I don’t know. I was awkward and it was a power play to say, ‘I can take your girlfriend.’ Stupid teenage stuff that got in the way and it disrupted our relationship. We didn’t film for a year."
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