Northern Exposures

Lovers of Canadian photography get Carte Blanche

By Alec Scott
April 20, 2006
The Death of Julia Charles. Photograph by Lucas Oleniuk.
The Death of Julia Charles. Photograph by Lucas Oleniuk.

Lucas Oleniuk is a globetrotting war and disaster photographer. He was in Grenada documenting the aftermath of a tropical storm when the Toronto Star retained him to go to Haiti. “Flash flooding brought on by hurricane Jeanne reportedly killed nearly a hundred people,” Oleniuk comments, via e-mail, about the assignment that led to this shot. “It was very important to me that I named this photograph ‘The Death of Julia Charles,’ because I wanted to personalize this tragedy.” Oleniuk included this 22-year-old teacher’s name to make up, he says, for invading her privacy. “Although I tried to compose the photograph as respectfully as possible, I, in fact, exploited the defenseless body of a dead woman and robbed her of a respectful end.”

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