Oh Canadiana

Highlights of the Canadian Design Resource

By David Balzer
April 18, 2006
Candela lights. Image courtesy of the Canadian Design Resource.

“Canadian design always felt uncelebrated, but also ancient,” says Falkowsky, “like it could never be up-to-date. One of our goals with the CDR is to uncover contemporary things: for instance, we just discovered that Sam Bat in Ottawa is one of the world’s leading producers of maple bats. To recognize those things and to see that design is alive and well here makes building the site really gratifying.”

These LED Candela lights by Stefane Barbeau and Duane Smith, devised for Boston’s Vessel Inc., are proof of the smart, winsome ideas Canucks continue to generate. Meant, as their name suggests, as a replacement for traditional candles, Candelas give off the same cozy glow, but without the mess and hazard: they’re battery-operated and built of sturdy polycarbonate, illuminating automatically when lifted from their charging platter.

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