Oh Canadiana

Highlights of the Canadian Design Resource

By David Balzer
April 18, 2006
Baby bricks. Image courtesy of the Canadian Design Resource.

Designed by Roylco Quebec and intended for use in schools, these toy bricks — merely cardboard boxes with silk-screened red-and-white grids on them — were located for the CDR by designer Patty Johnson, who extols their virtues on the site, and whose son currently plays with them (one of the CDR’s policies is to gather and post objects that people actually live with and use). Erdmann is equally in love with these ageless, versatile items: they’re quickly and cheaply manufactured; if they break, they can easily be replaced; they encourage creative play (and speak to that oft-shared anecdote of a child opening a gift and appreciating the box more than what’s inside it); and they’re sustainable (cardboard is recyclable, unlike materials used for more expensive, elaborate toys).

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