Oh Canadiana

Highlights of the Canadian Design Resource

By David Balzer
April 18, 2006
Red jug. Image courtesy of the Canadian Design Resource.

“A one-man band made these jugs,” says Falkowsky of Butterfly and Waves, a brilliantly conceived plastic product from the ’80s that was drawn up and manufactured by a lone graphic designer, Martin Kuster. “Can you imagine sitting in your house and thinking, ‘I’m going to make a jug,’ and then spending $100,000 on the tooling to produce it?”

“It’s very sophisticated,” says Erdmann. “I automatically assumed it was either Danish or Italian when I first saw it.” In addition to its fetchingly streamlined handle and mouth, Butterfly and Waves has a neat functional feature: square depressions on either side of its raised top form an “I” shape and indicate (vis-à-vis the shape’s vertical or horizontal positioning) whether the jug is opened or closed.

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