Family Viewing

The photographs of Jaret Belliveau

By Sean Flinn
July 12, 2006
Vancouver Island Ferry (C Print, 2005).
Vancouver Island Ferry (C Print, 2005).

On the road, David was Jaret’s principal subject for telling the brothers’ story. Near their journey’s end, though, Jaret allowed himself one shot of someone else: “David and I spent the whole trip either outside on the deck or warming up inside. On one of our trips inside, we saw [a man who] appeared to us as a Viking. I photographed our Viking just as he stood — looking out at sea.”

For the most part, the Belliveau brothers say they got along during their travels. “We definitely argued some, but we worked through it,” Jaret recalls. There were also bumps in the road for David. “Some days I wasn’t the happiest camper, thinking about [our] mother’s death.” Despite those lows, David says the adventure helped to clear his mind. “We had someone looking down on us,” he says. “My mom was watching us, making sure we were all right.” His older brother agrees. In the end, Jaret concludes, “we were building our new family dynamic inside this trip.”

Sean Flinn is a Halifax writer.

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Family Viewing
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