Family Viewing

The photographs of Jaret Belliveau

By Sean Flinn
July 12, 2006
David’s Last Visit (C Print, 2004). Photo courtesy of Jaret Belliveau.
David’s Last Visit (C Print, 2004).

“The way [Jaret] photographs is driven by intuition. I really appreciate that. It’s something I try to do and it’s actually a hard thing,” says Ruth Kaplan, a Toronto-based photographer and sessional instructor who taught Belliveau two years ago at NSCAD. He impressed her with his devotion to a single body of work: at the time, Belliveau was shooting a series that chronicled his mother’s journey from the diagnosis of cancer to her death. A photo from that project, called Familial Endurance, is seen here. “David visited for an hour that day and for that whole time I sat to his left,” Jaret says. “As we sat, I noticed that behind [him] wasn’t just my mom, but my father as well.” While absorbing the scene, Jaret paused to contemplate his dad’s mortality too.

Selected images from Familial Endurance showed at New York’s Aperture Gallery and Toronto’s Harbourfront Centre. They are now touring as part of reGeneration: 50 Photographers of Tomorrow, an exhibition curated by Musée de L’Elysée in Lausanne, Switzerland.
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Family Viewing
The photographs of Jaret Belliveau