Trudeau will stick to playbook on Trump, even after NAFTA threat
Senior federal government officials say an urgent phone call from Justin Trudeau to Donald Trump helped defuse the president’s latest threat to scrap the North American Free Trade Agreement — even though they doubt Canada and Mexico were even the targets of this latest trade flare-up.
Ontario Budget 2017: Free prescription drugs for anyone under 25, a first of its kind, Liberals say
All Ontario children and adults younger than 25 will have their full prescription drug costs covered by a new provincial pharmacare program, regardless of family income or whether they already have private insurance.
Ontario Liberals unveil 2017 budget
Ontario's Liberal government has tabled its first balanced budget in a decade and it's chock full of new spending, with the provincial economy firing on all cylinders and an election campaign one year away.
Ontario Budget 2017: Health-care spending up as budget hits balance
The Ontario government is celebrating getting the books back to balance with significant investments in health care, including a youth pharmacare program, as detailed in the spring budget unveiled Thursday in Toronto.
The Pollcast: Kevin O'Leary's exit and the B.C. leaders debate
Host Éric Grenier is joined by Conservative insiders Tim Powers and Chad Rogers to discuss the impact of Kevin O'Leary's departure from the race. Then, B.C. reporters Richard Zussman and Justine Hunter discuss the B.C. leaders' debate.
United Airlines reaches undisclosed settlement with passenger dragged from plane
A Kentucky doctor who was dragged off a United Airlines flight after he refused to give up his seat to crew members has reached a settlement with the airline for an undisclosed amount.
U.K. anti-terror police detain man with knives near Parliament
Armed police carrying out a counterterrorism operation Thursday swooped in on a man they said was carrying knives in a bag near Britain's Parliament and arrested him on suspicion of planning an attack.
95,000 sponsors vie for 10,000 spots in lottery to bring parents, grandparents to Canada
More than 95,000 people took part in the first immigration lottery to win a spot to bring their parents or grandparents to Canada. With only 10,000 spots available, that put the odds at roughly one in 10.
NASA successfully pilots spacecraft between Saturn and its rings
NASA announced Thursday morning its Cassini spacecraft was successful in its historic first dive through the gap between Saturn and its rings.
Nova Scotia tables $10.5B balanced budget as election call looms
Nova Scotia’s latest budget has all the makings of an election document, including tax cuts, increased spending and a host of new programs aimed at every key voting demographic.
Size matters when it comes to performance, say Canadian men skiers
Giant slalom racing is going to be prettier to watch and a lot more fun to ski, according to the Canadian men's team.
Crane climber appears in Toronto court, gets bail
A woman charged after scaling a downtown Toronto crane, forcing a rescue that made headlines across the country, was granted bail at a court appearance today.
'Putting my guts on the page': Calgary called graphic novel hub by high-profile creators
Calgary has joined Vancouver and Toronto as a hub of creativity in the graphic novel medium, several high-profile content creators and an influential ACAD instructor tell CBC News.
What's happening right now at the ECMAs in Saint John
Roll out the red carpet: the East Coast Music Awards show kicks off Thursday at Harbour Station at 8 p.m.
Canadian pairs skater Eric Radford diagnosed with herniated disc
A week and a half after a baffling injury cost Eric Radford a legitimate shot at a third consecutive world title, an MRI revealed the culprit: a herniated disc. Radford and pairs partner Meagan Duhamel wound up seventh at the world figure skating championships earlier this month in Helsinki.
Trump to give NAFTA talks a 'good, strong shot' after Trudeau warns of withdrawal risks
One day after his White House floated a trial balloon about drafting an executive order to withdraw from NAFTA, U.S. President Donald Trump now says he's fully committed to reworking the deal. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said he reminded Trump they were both elected on platforms of helping, not hurting.
Toronto, parts of southern Ontario under severe thunderstorm watch
The sunny start to Thursday is expected to be washed away by thunderstorms, according to Environment Canada which issued a severe thunderstorm watch for Toronto and parts of Southern Ontario.
Britian's recent day without coal
Johanna Wasgstaffe explains why this was so significant
Thursday, April 27, 2017: Dave and Virginia Grohl, Fast Romantics and more
Today on q: musician Dave Grohl and his mom Virginia Grohl, looking back at the life and work of Johnathan Demme, and Fast Romantics.
How Fast Romantics' experiences in the U.S. shaped their new album
Canadian band Fast Romantics explain how the love songs on their new album, American Love, were changed and inspired by their time touring in the U.S.
Crew begins laying subsea Maritime Link cable off Cape Ray
​The company responsible for installing what will be the longest submarine electricity cable in North America has begun work off southwest Newfoundland.
On hold for a solution: Charlottetown man wants old phone booths fixed
A Charlottetown resident wants rundown phone booths around the city either repaired or hung up for good.
'It's completely unfair:' Coun. Rino Bortolin argues Windsor renters should have lower tax rate
As of Monday, renters in Windsor pay 2.35 times as much as a residential homeowner, a situation Ward 3 Coun. Rino Bortolin argues is "out of wack."
Kevin O'Leary met with Andrew Scheer before backing Maxime Bernier
Although Kevin O'Leary praised Maxime Bernier on Wednesday as the candidate who best "mirrors" his policies, CBC News has learned the reality TV star also held talks with another Conservative leadership candidate the night before.