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Bone art in Manila honours forgotten women and their labour

Nikki Luna's beautiful work often deals with upsetting societal issues — like the lilies she painted on a pelvis bone to reject "boxed definitions of a woman."

Interrupt This Program: Manila — Creating in spite of fear

'I think the biggest challenge of any artist is to not be afraid. get over the fear, because it doesn't control you.'

How these abandoned WW II Jeeps in Manila transformed into dazzling public transportation art

When the U.S. army left the Philippines after the end of World War II, the Jeeps they left behind were turned into public transportation and art.

Interrupt This Program: Havana — art from a disconnected island

A dissident filmmaker, a contemporary dancer, an Afro-Cuban DJ and a Canadian MC/Beatmaker insist on pushing artistic boundaries on an insulated island

When the Soviet Union collapsed, Cuban musicians had to invent their own gear with whatever they had

For Isnay Rodriguez, music offered important psychological relief in the hard times of an economic crisis: "Music was the only means to have fun."

Check out Cuba's first design shop — whose shirts Obama (remember him?) wanted for Sasha and Malia

Havana's design shop Clandestina is more than just a place to get cool t-shirts — it's a vibrant and welcoming creative community.

Interrupt This Program: Jerusalem — Artists fighting for their own truth

"Jerusalem is definitely not a dead city. It's the most alive city." Inside the art world of the volatile, divided city.

Smashing pianos and turning an abandoned building into a musical instrument in Jerusalem

In Jerusalem, the artist collective Empty House enters abandoned buildings and turns them into venues for art and spaces to push back against the high cost of living.

'In this reality, even love is political': A Palestinian artist's song of love kept apart by borders

For musician Maysa Daw, telling the stories of her fellow Palestinians makes it worth staying in the volatile and divided city.

This Palestinian artist's candy creations 'defetishize' the house keys refugees took with them

Ramallah visual artist Majd Abdel Hamid is making edible candy art to grapple with and remove the power from a potent symbol he thinks represents stasis.

Watch Interrupt This Program: Lagos — Artists Provoking Debate

Interrupt This Program goes to Lagos, Africa's largest city, and one charged with a simmering new artistic energy amid terrorism, violent patriarchy and injustice.

Being jailed and intimidated for his Lagos street performance hasn't stopped Jelili Atiku's protest

See his extraordinarily striking performance against Boko Haram in Interrupt This Program: Lagos.

'Fear is just a growling animal with no teeth': A Nigerian-Canadian's poem on women's courage

Titilope Sonuga uses poetry to create an "alternate universe" for herself in the uneasy political environment of Lagos.

Partying at a former prison to reclaim happiness from sorrow in the heart of Lagos

Afropolitan Vibes, a concert series held at a former colonial prison, is all about letting loose and playfully breaking class barriers.

This photography school in Lagos' floating slum Makoko is empowering kids to change their community

Life in Makoko is precarious — not just because the city is built on stilts over water, but because the government has tried to demolish it.

Pussy Riot vs. Putin's Secret Police: 'If we are not fighting for our freedom, there is no freedom'

Imprisoned for her artistic protest, Russian artist Masha Alekhina of Pussy Riot finds personal liberation under oppression.

Watch now: Moscow — Expression in the face of oppression

Russia’s environment of suppression infuses the underground art scene with a strong desire to challenge, subvert and disrupt the status quo.

How Interrupt This Program filmed a secret protest on the Moscow Subway without getting caught

While shooting this Sunday's premiere, the crew was constantly aware of the tense feeling of always being watched by the state.

Sad Mascots: This Canadian photography project looks under the bunny suit of Russian capitalism

Joel Koczwarski, a Canadian photographer living in Moscow, is our guide to the city's art under oppression in this week's premiere of Interrupt This Program.

Cities under pressure. Artists fighting back. Interrupt This Program returns February 5th

When a city experiences trauma — a natural disaster, long-term war, political unrest, or economic meltdown — how do artists respond?

Art in a chaotic world: Watch Canadian Screen Award-nominated Interrupt This Program Season 1 now

Exploring art as political protest, as a means of survival, as an agent of change, as a display of courage and delight.

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Cities under pressure. Artists fighting back.

Scorching heat, surreal moments and rediscovery: behind-the-scenes of Interrupt This Program

The Interrupt This Program crew shares the personal stories behind the series, which explores the art scenes in five global cities in crisis.

An Interrupt This Program playlist: cutting-edge sounds from 5 global cities under pressure

We asked the musicians, DJs, tastemakers and fixers from Interrupt This Program to curate a playlist showing off the sounds of their cities.

Ep. 5: Athens — Art as solace

In Athens: a photographer, an electronic pop band, a mural artist, and a writer demonstrate how art is a means of survival in the midst of a city under economic crisis.