CBC Arts: Exhibitionists — Joy

Come on, get happy! From powwow dancers to boy “Wonder” Jacob Tremblay, see how art can spread pure joy.

CBC Arts: Exhibitionists — Memory

Wander through a massive illuminated forest and discover a lost 1956 TV show about race relations in Toronto. Plus: cute and creepy doll art.

CBC Arts: Exhibitionists — Self-Care

Meet an artist who's spreading joy on Instagram and a man who chased his bliss by building a world-class collection of kitsch.

CBC Arts: Exhibitionists — Animal Kingdom

From ceramic beasts to taxidermy squirrels to one artist’s take on Jaws, this is a whale of an episode. (Yes, there’s a story about whales, too.) Plus, try a couple of totally wild DIYs: a magical origami unicorn and swan-shaped latte art.

CBC Arts: Exhibitionists — Artists Inspired By Artists

Meet a photographer dedicated to capturing the grace of the ballet and see what happens when a make-up wizard takes on Picasso. Plus, Sarah Gadon on how director (and Alias Grace co-star) David Cronenberg inspired her film career.

CBC Arts: Exhibitionists — Mavericks

Stay in your lane? Not for this week's mavericks, working in everything from music (Slut Island) to fashion (Hayley Elsaesser) to theatre (King Arthur's Night).

Montreal is the perfect city for this DJ — it's open, multicultural and has all the good vibes

Ghislain Poirier reflects on why Quebec's largest city is the right space for his musically and culturally diverse collaborations.

What do these psychedelic cartoons make you think of? The artist wants to know

Whether she's making video games or comic books, Paloma Dawkins gets her inspiration from nature. But you might see something completely different...

These portraits are calling out dangerous assumptions about the way black men are seen

Gordon Shadrach's paintings show pointed concern with how black men get assessed, and how easily confrontation or aggression gets mapped onto black faces.
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CBC Arts: Exhibitionists — Scale

Art comes in all sizes, but there are no small stories here. Meet the popular paper artist behind the Tiny Blades Project, then watch as graffiti sculptor Kwest fills a Toronto square.

See how one acclaimed artist brings some 'magic' into her daily routine

On this week's Exhibitionists, Lauren Tamaki shares her sketchbook of GIFs. Her animation captures everyday details and her favourite pop culture moments.

Body positive fashion for if 'Freaks and Geeks moved to the desert and started a country club'

Designer Hayley Elsaesser takes us behind the scenes of her latest collection "Teenage Wasteland."

CBC Arts: Exhibitionists — Role-play

How does an artist prepare to play the part of a lifetime? Legendary dancer Louise Lecavalier and actor/musician Torquil Campbell take us behind the persona and share their experiences.

Maps to the co-stars: Sarah Gadon on how her Alias Grace castmate David Cronenberg changed her life

Cronenberg gave Gadon her breakout role, and now they're sharing the screen in the new CBC miniseries.

Mesmerizing, right? This artist will inspire you to make GIFs, too

If Connor Bell can make amazing digital art over a cup of coffee, so can you. This week's Exhibitionist in Residence is out to inspire.

A murdered composer, a lost libretto...could this be Canada's greatest opera?

Against the Grain Theatre is making the case that Claude Vivier's "Kopernikus" is a masterwork.

This artist is taking apart your reverence for Canadian historical figures, one painting at a time

Tashina Makokis has found a new way to talk about Canada's injustices towards Indigenous peoples and knock these figures off their pedestals.

This lost 1956 CBC show about race is as relevant as ever — so a Toronto artist is reimagining it

When she discovered copies of the show had disappeared, artist Deanna Bowen decided to stage it herself so she could share its lessons.

CBC Arts: Exhibitionists — The Body

Bodies — human and otherwise — serve as inspiration, subject, and canvas in this week's episode. Meet photographer Ella Cooper, dancer Santee Smith, tattoo artist Hovak Johnston, and more!

This Toronto artist transforms graffiti into vivid 3D sculptures

Brian Leitch has built the world's largest graffiti sculpture and made Drake a custom ping pong table — and now he's on a KWEST to bring TRUTH to Nuit Blanche.

You've never seen a still life like this

In this video, you'll see fruits and vegetables deflate like balloons courtesy of Saskatchewan-raised artist Mike Pelletier. It's as wonderfully strange as it sounds.

How to put Mae West's face on your face, Salvador Dalí-style

Our go-to makeup expert Kyne Santos (aka YouTube favourite Online Kyne) shows us how to transform into a very surreal work of art.

They call him Mini Mozart: Meet the 11-year-old pianist turning thunderstorms into beautiful music

Young Marcel Ward brought his talent to Canada from Syria, and he already has plans to perform for the whole world.

'Not Inuk enough to be Inuk, not white enough to fit in': This musician is carving her own identity

For Nunavut's Kathleen Merritt, throat singing is a way of reclaiming her own cultural identity as both Inuk and Irish.

Watch the season 3 premiere of Exhibitionists right here!

On our season premiere, watch a massive tribute to Leonard Cohen come to life in Montreal, and in Vancouver, a local landmark is transformed into a spectacular love letter to the natural world.