CBC Arts: Exhibitionists — Bravery

Intrepid superheroes from young filmmakers on the autism spectrum; a play created from the star’s own struggles with alcoholism; and a visit to a chainsaw carving competition.
In Residence

Sabrina Ratté: 'I have always thought of video as a way of painting with electronic light'

Don't panic when you're watching Exhibitionists and your TV screen starts behaving a little strangely — those are just her hypnotic videos.

Calling all beachcombers! This artist has scattered 1800 painted ladybugs for you to discover

Karen Tuplin spreads sunshine and delight throughout her community in western P.E.I. with her painted creations: ladybug rocks.

Spend a day carving stone in Cape Dorset with 13-year-old artist David Pudlat

The young artist shares his love of creating and tells us about carving an inukshuk out of Nunavut's serpentine rock.

1 woman. 10 characters. How theatre freed Raven Dauda from her own addictions

In her new play Addicted, Dauda plays multiple characters in various stages of recovery.

Floating figures and serpents, oh my! Get transported with these otherworldly time-lapses

Let Toronto artist Lauren Pirie take you into her "weird dream world."

Toni Hamel fights for the underdog with her surreal and subversive paintings

Her work shows people, nature and unusual props in uncanny relationships with each other and with the world.

'Very very very very nervous': We tagged along to Indian Horse's premiere with its 11-year-old star

Sladen Peltier had never acted before — but he was perfect for the role, and the rest is history.
How To

How to turn flowers and dreams into beautiful cut-paper art

In this how-to video, artist Andrea Wan reveals the process she uses to make her three-dimensional cut-paper collages.

Ever own a dream notebook? Andrea Wan turns hers into haunting artworks

The Canadian illustrator is living in Berlin right now, and she's showing you how she turns her dreams and her German surroundings into eerie paintings.

Jordan Bennett's bright murals are massive homages to Mi'kmaq history

Look closer, and you'll see that the elements of the artist's seemingly abstract paintings are tiny stitches in the style of traditional porcupine quillwork.
In Residence

Dying is easy; comedy (and animation) is hard

Making people smile is one serious challenge, but Sitji Chou is on it. Get happy and check out his GIFs!

Please stop trying to eat your computer screen — these are actually just sweet time-lapses

Megan Ellen MacDonald's vivid paintings will make your eyes pop and mouth water.

With these 'fashion shoots,' Ursula Johnson is smashing stereotypical images of Indigenous women

"Nobody thinks about [these stereotypes] because it's the Indigenous body who has been pushed aside."

Origami isn't a kid's craft — Joseph Wu uses the paper art to battle depression

The Vancouver-based artist uses the delicate art to deal with ADHD and depression.

CBC Arts: Exhibitionists — Driven

These artist have grit and determination. Meet Lido Pimienta, a singer unafraid to speak out against racism and sexism, and Karla Monterrosa, whose peppy illustrations confront awkwardness around sex.

In concrete and copper, Caroline Monnet pays tribute to Indigenous resilience

Her sculptural installation "Shield" includes a series of 11 concrete bodies encircling a copper pipe — unbreakable.

Artist Casey Koyczan collected driftwood from the Red River to pay tribute to victims of violence

The massive installation 'Gone but not forgotten' shows the interconnectedness of trauma in Indigenous communities.
Art Kids

This kid's costumes are next level — because 'who wouldn't want to be a cute fluffy stuffed thing?'

Winnipeg teenager Tyler Malissa Ritchot loves making art — and creating elaborate costumes is their biggest passion.

'Imaginary photographer' Keane Luong wants to take you into vast dreamworlds

Luong's composites enhance nature in its purest form, taking real environments to the next level.

Tanya Lukin Linklater's art explores what it means to be 'treaty people'

Her video installation at the Winnipeg Art Gallery asks both Indigenous and non-Indigenous people to think about what a treaty really means.

Jully Black shares the joyful, joyful influence of her church choir and...Sister Act 2

"I remember everyone started to cry and lift their hands and worship and in that moment my life was forever changed."

Why Lou Phelps, a Francophone MC from Montreal, raps in English on his debut album

"I want to open doors for people that speak French and want to rap in English."
Art Kids

Teenage musician Luka Coetzee first heard the cello at age one and it was love at first note

From rehearsal to recital, spend a day in the life of the young cellist.

With droplets of water and ink, Inuit artist Heather Campbell calls for justice for Indigenous women

Campbell's painting digs into the story of the Muskrat Falls hydroelectric dam and violence against Indigenous women and girls.