CBC Arts: Exhibitionists — Generations

A wardrobe director refurbishes spectacular ballet costumes from 1972's The Sleeping Beauty, and a photographer explores his father's troubling history in the Arctic. Plus: on set with Sandra Oh.

Watching Mia Ohki draw swirling dots and lines is the breath of fresh air you need right now

Ohki gave us an inside look at how she creates her thoughtful drawings through three time-lapse videos.
Art Kids

What does it take to make it as a 13-year-old ballerina? More dedication than most of us have

What did you do in eighth grade? Lilia Greyeyes takes you through a day in the life at Canada's National Ballet School.

Why this Montreal artist is blowing up museum artifacts — in 3D GIFs

ISIS attacks on the Mosul Museum inspired this mind-bending project by Montreal's Pierre Chaumont. He's this week's Exhibitionist in Residence.

In huge neon, Joi Arcand is rewriting everyday signs — in Cree

For Arcand, the written Cree language is not only imbued with cultural significance — it's an aesthetically beautiful form all unto itself.

Hey '90s kid, remember these? Take a nostalgia trip with Nico Glaude

Blockbuster Video and chewable Flintstone vitamins: Nico Glaude's nostalgic replicas take you back to a simpler time.

Scott Benesiinaabandan wants you to feel the sound of the Anishinaabe language

Would you recognize Anishinaabe if you overheard it being spoken on the bus?

Period blood, Tinder and masturbation: Karla Monterrosa illustrates the awkwardness out of sex

NSFW: It's awkward, it's shocking, it's gross — but it's relatable.

What do Indigenous mythologies and Biblical creation stories have in common?

Kenneth Lavallee's mural at the Winnipeg Art Gallery depicts the "Great Flood" as part of the gallery's largest exhibition of contemporary Indigenous art ever.

Be mesmerized by this artist's process as she creates portraits that might make your heart ache

Watch Elena Cabitza's time-lapse videos as she creates three delicate little portraits.

Magical mystery beards and special twigs: take a look inside Jay Dart's wild imagination

Who is your alter ego? Meet the purple bearded lumberjack behind the fanciful world known as Yawnder.

This 9-year-old drag queen shows us how to slay

Nemis Melancon tells us what it takes to transform from a skateboarding kid into a glamorous vogueing drag princess named Lactatia.

Why does this artist love neon? 'No matter what I'm saying, they're going to listen'

You can't look away from these bright and shiny GIFs. Tim Singleton is this week's Exhibitionist in Residence.

How Dee Barsy pays homage to her four grandmothers in a single painting

The artist explores the interconnectedness of family at the Winnipeg Art Gallery’s Insurgence/Resurgence exhibit.

Telling the racy story of Rasputin...with puppets

Puppeteer Jamie Shannon is bringing Rasputin back to life in his new short film about the mystic’s tumultuous time during the Russian Revolution.
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Nalo Hopkinson explores black history and black futures

Explore the future through the work of celebrated sci-fi author Nalo Hopkinson, and meet a choir wrestling with who should sing songs from the past.

A bucket, some sticks and an open mind: the essential ingredients for this drummer

Bucket drummer Sheldon De Souza uses his love of rhythm as inspiration to help youth find their own creative spark.
Art Kids

This 13-year-old poet penned a heartfelt response to a violent world

Gulmehek Khan published her first book at 11 — and in her new works, she's tackling some difficult themes.

Making tiny paintings is especially difficult for this artist — that's why she does it

For Arlene Webber, dystonia (a condition that limits her hand movement) has pushed her to innovate and create new ways of painting.

Skating couture: Meet the designer behind Tessa Virtue's dazzling costumes

Quebec's Mathieu Caron knows that in a competition where fractions of points can mean all the difference, the costume designer plays a vital role.

'It's just paint — you can paint over it': How murals taught him to stop being such a perfectionist

Toronto mural artist Ben Johnston breaks down his craft and tells us how his large-scale paintings help him pull away from the digital world.

We asked this contemporary dancer to interpret five Olympic sports and, wow, he really went for it

Vancouver's Shay Kuebler took on the monumental task of dancing out some major Olympics events.

Lido Pimienta is a musical force to reckon with — and she's also a mama and protector

The Polaris Prize winner opens up about internet trolls, life as a mother and her Wayuu heritage.
Behind The Photo

'He called this place home for 12 months — I was ready to leave after a week'

Take a deep dive into aAron Munson's photograph of a room frozen in time (and in ice), exploring the year his father spent in isolation far up north.

A frozen weather station 800 miles from the North Pole held his father's secrets

When he was 19, aAron Munson's father spent a bleak year working at the station — so the artist decided to take a trip to there to find out what that year was like.