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Almost 100 guitarists, three conductors and some serious riffage

Composer Tim Brady and conductor Gregory Oh show us around the workings of this performance with nearly 100 musicians and a strong sense of community.

Fruit and veggie artist Lauren Ho brings new meaning to the phrase 'playing with your food'

The Vancouver artist takes us through the steps — and the ingredient list — for her new mountainscape.

Sandeep Johal memorializes victims of femicide as powerful goddess figures

Her works often feature women who meet your gaze head-on, with inscrutable expressions, both powerful and beautiful — and that's the idea.

This dancing 92-year-old has access to the fountain of youth...we suspect

Dorothy Gordon has become the inspirational compass for many of the other participants in the massive dance piece Le Grand Continental.

Meet Advait Kolarkar, your new favourite four-year-old painter

A day in the life of the precocious four-year-old artist based in New Brunswick and in love with the world.

Spend a summer day making a beautiful mess with the internet's favourite spin artist

Callen Schaub brings his skills out of the studio and into our art-making space at the CBC Music Festival.

From sci-fi to the runway, UNTTLD take their cue from the dystopian future

José Manuel St-Jacques and Simon Bélanger's collections garner both surprise and praise from critics who see their work as progressive and unconventional.

Meet the 12th grader who we're pretty sure is going to be in art textbooks one day

18-year-old Rachel Burns break down the intricate process that goes into her work — and incorporates years of her memories and family history.

This play about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict wasn't supposed to be about politics. It failed.

The friendship between Rimah Jabr and Natasha Greenblatt built "Two Birds One Stone," a play at the intersections of the personal and political.

Her father overdosed. These photos are her powerful tribute

For Vancouver-based photographer Jackie Dives, the opioid crisis is much more than a statistic: it is the epidemic that claimed her father's life.

Xavier Browne lived through homophobia in St. Kitts and Nevis. Now he's channelling that into laughs

The first-time comic opens up about life as a gay man in his home country and how those experiences led to his debut one-man show in Toronto.

In 2000, Liza Balkan saw Otto Vass die after a brutal beating by police. This play is her reckoning

It's been nearly 18 years since the night Vass lost his life, but Balkan is still sharing his story through her play Out the Window.

How do tattoos happen? Inking sensation Yi Stropky shows you how he creates his minimalist designs

Vancouver tattoo artist Yi Stropky takes us through his process from sketch to skin.

In China, Yi Stropky saw art get censored. Now, his tattoo designs have Vancouverites waiting weeks

Yi Stropky opens up about art in China, having a tattoo studio in Vancouver's Chinatown and why he so values freedom of expression.

Eggs bring life. Grenades bring death. These Fabergé grenades reveal their uncanny similarity

Toronto artist Dave Krovblit tells you how a decommissioned grenade and a Fabergé egg came together in an explosive photographic series.

Tradition meets technology in the mesmerizing 'Frame by Frame.' Is this the future of ballet?

Director Robert Lepage and choreographer Guillaume Côté celebrate the pioneering Canadian animator Norman McLaren.

Winston Hacking's collages turn old ads into psychedelic fever dreams

The Flying Lotus-collaborator hunts for the best images like a beat-maker crate digging for records.

Need some summer inspo? Check out these skateboarders taking art to the streets

Minimalist art, pavement and a bunch of fearless skateboarders united for this totally seasonal installation.
In Residence

What happened to this season's Exhibitionists in Residence after their episodes aired

What have our Exhibitionists in Residence been up to? Kicking ass, taking names, making more GIFs. Plus, find out how to get featured on Season 4.

Here's how this New Brunswick maker transforms cigar boxes into charming guitars

Bob Belyea demonstrates how, with a bit of effort and some foraged materials, he's learned to make new music.

How throat boxing (throat singing + beatboxing!) helped Nelson Tagoona find a powerful voice

Tagoona opens up about how the intense art, combining beatboxing and throat singing, has been a source of light for him.

CBC Arts: Exhibitionists — Best Seats In The House

From a drag queen in a club to sheep on the street to dancing at a pow wow, we have the best seats in the house to witness artists in their element.

'Our language is the heart of what we are': Tamyka Bullen is putting deaf culture centre stage

New play After the Blackout — featuring an entirely differently abled cast — is breaking down barriers for both its artists and its audience.
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What happens when animals do group therapy? Preview the new film by Alison Snowden and David Fine

Here's a sneak peak at Animal Behaviour — the pair's first NFB short since winning the Oscar nearly 25 years ago.

How to tell your friends you love them by making a tiny tiny zine

Artist Karla Monterrosa is showing you how to express your love using only a single sheet of white paper.