Toxic coral in home aquarium blamed for sickening Gatineau family

Seven members of a Gatineau, Que., family, including a pregnant woman and three small children, fell ill on Sunday while setting up a large aquarium. They blame toxins released by coral for landing them in hospital and driving them from their home.

Council rejects Medway Valley plan, backlash ensues over accessibility

The conservation master plan for the Medway Valley Heritage Forest in north London has divided many — ultimately leading to its rejection by council on Tuesday.

To censor the internet, 10 countries use Canadian filtering technology, researchers say

Technology developed by a company in Waterloo, Ont., is being used by regimes and democracies throughout the world to censor online content, according to a new global investigation conducted by Citizen Lab.

'Anyone with a pulse' can pass: Semi-trailer driving tests in Canada too easy, instructors agree

A driving instructor says he and others are knowingly sending hundreds of ill-prepared semi drivers onto Canada’s highways, grid roads and city streets every year.

Facebook says it has changed. Its profits may show by how much

Investors clearly felt Zuckerberg came out ahead when he was grilled by Congress. Facing Wall Street will be another matter entirely. Wall Street analysts are trained to seek out every bit of arcane information in the company's numbers.

Greenland ruling party has most votes in election tracked by Canadian mining firms, China

Greenland Prime Minister Kim Kielsen's Siumut party won the most votes in a parliamentary election, results showed on Wednesday, though it lost ground to centrist rivals.

Facebook post linked to Toronto van attack points to insular, misogynistic world of 'incels'

The deadly van attack in Toronto is shining a spotlight on the controversial, often misogynistic world of "incels" — a group of predominately men who identify as "involuntarily celibate."

Police investigate fatal stabbing in SOHO district

London Police are searching for a suspect after a homicide in the city’s SOHO district on Tuesday night.

Inuit worry about toxic splash from rocket debris in Canada's arctic waters

Inuit in Canada are raising concerns that Europe plans to launch another rocket into space today, potentially carrying toxic fuel in debris that's set to touch down in the High Arctic. It’s the 15th launch of its kind over the past decade potentially affecting Baffin Bay.

Stanley Cup Playoffs: Western Conference semifinal preview

What we have left in the West are four franchises seeking their first Stanley Cup championship in the Presidents' Trophy-winning Nashville Predators, Winnipeg Jets, San Jose Sharks and the expansion Vegas Golden Knights. Here is a glance at the second-round matchups in the Western Conference.

Nova Scotia government apologizes for 'poor email etiquette'

A provincial employee is upset the Nova Scotia government advised her and more than 1,000 of her colleagues in a mass email to expect a larger than usual pay this week.

Uncertainty surrounding marine protected areas concerns N.S. seaweed company

One of Nova Scotia's leading seafood companies is raising concerns about the Trudeau government's plan to create more marine protected areas in Atlantic Canada.

Environmental group having hard time cleaning up Murray Harbour beach

A P.E.I. environmental group is having a hard time cleaning up aquaculture farming gear that washes up on P.E.I. shorelines.

'It's part of my church:' Saint John group tries to buy back Pathfinder window

Some Anglican churchgoers in Saint John are hoping to snatch back their beloved Pathfinder window — an artifact that depicts Jesus with his hand on a boy scout — before a San Francisco museum or any other bidder can buy it.

How the experts are helping Torontonians deal with the psychological impact of the van attack

People have shown up at the crash site in tears, leaving a note or flowers, sometimes standing side-by-side with strangers also dealing with shock and helplessness, a type of public coming together experts say can be healing.

'We don't want to rush this,' coroner says of painstaking work to ID victims of van attack

Ontario's chief coroner says investigators will proceed with caution in the coming days as they work to identify the victims of a van attack on a north Toronto street.

Students take on a first of its kind project documenting lost black history in Essex County

Grade 11 and 12 students at Academie Ste-Cecile International School spent Monday surveying historic black cemeteries across Essex County.

Waterloo workshops that tackle tough topics for Arabic-speaking newcomers to end

A program designed to answer the tough questions immigrants have about their new community is about to wrap up, and organizers say there is appetite for more.

Canadian basketball stars R.J. Barrett, Andrew Nembhard ready for next step in NCAA

Canadian basketball stars R.J. Barrett and Andrew Nembhard are going their separate ways this fall to play collegiate basketball. But after countless years of playing together, the longtime friends have built a bond that goes beyond the sport.

Woman, 27, choked to death at Clarenville women's prison, police believe

Police say the woman was alone in her cell when food got caught in her airway.

'Another day, another funeral': Young, Somali men are dying violently in Toronto

Young Somali men in Toronto are being killed at an alarming rate. But about 45 per cent of their homicides going back more than a decade have gone unsolved, compared to an average of 30 per cent of homicide cases in Toronto overall. A new report details the scope of the loss, the devastation wrought on the community — and demands action.

Fire destroys partially built home in St. John's

A home under construction on Larkhall Street went up in flames in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

Former Grace Hospital nurses' residence 'behemoth of an eyesore'

The abandoned St. John's building, and the land around it, is a health and safety hazard, says chiropractor Randy Follett.

ER closures a concern for Sheet Harbour residents

Residents along Nova Scotia's Eastern Shore are concerned about the number of emergency department closures and what's causing them.

Private gym a fitness first for Happy Valley-Goose Bay

No more getting up before dawn in Happy Valley Goose Bay to get a gym membership.