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Watch the final edition of CBC News: Around the World
Friday, October 23, 2009

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CBC News: Around the World presented a half-hour of international news at 7:00 PM ET, Monday-Friday, on CBC Newsworld. The program featured the best international coverage from CBC foreign correspondents.

The program debuted February 19, 2007.

The final broadcast was October 23, 2009. Here's how anchor Harry Forestell signed off that night:

"Well that's it for us. Hard to believe it's over already.

"Through more than two years and over 450 programs the team here at Around the World has tried to make the world a little bit smaller, a little bit more accessible, maybe even a little bit more understandable. We hope we succeeded....

"And, that's our last journey, around the world, thanks for being with us."

Since May 4, 2009, the video of the latest edition of the program was online.

To watch the final edition of the segment, "Around the World in 80 Seconds," click on the link at the right. More items from Around the World may still be available on our World Video web page.


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Ask a Correspondent

This segment on Around the World first aired in late 2007. Three examples of Ask a Correspondent are below.

Click here to watch Piya Chattopadhyay in Kandahar answering the question, "How well are our Afghan translators treated by Canada? For example, things like pay, rations, clothing, medical and dental privileges, or citizenship application advantages." (Runs 2:56)

Click here to watch The National's Susan Ormiston answering the question, Do "you ever fear for your personal safety as a journalist, and if so, does it affect your work as a journalist?" (Runs 2:39)

Click here to watch Latin American correspondent Connie Watson answering the question, "How closely do you assimilate to the culture that you're reporting from?" (Runs 2:07)