Making Arctic Air


Building a Forest Fire

Fire! That was the big challenge for the Arctic Air season premiere. Obviously you can't just light a forest on fire and film it so episode 201 production challenges were all about creating a credible looking forest fire in...


Making of an Airline

Like a real airline, the fictional airline of Arctic Air had to be built from the ground up and is something that is always expanding. "The fleet that builds up the airline is a work in progress" explains director...

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Man of the North


Lights, Camera, Action!

Dev's parents aren't happy that he left India to pursue a career as a pilot, so he's armed himself with a brand new camera to make a movie to prove to them that he is capable of becoming a true...


Who Couldn’t Use a Little Meat?

While filming Loreen's meat raffle Dev finds himself the winner of 100 pounds of frozen four-legged flesh, problem is he's the only vegetarian around Arctic Air and the carnivores are ready for a meal....

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