Season 3

Episode 3x01

The River

Krista's homecoming is cut short when Arctic Air launches a daring search and rescue operation to save Dev and Astrid.

Episode 3x02

High Water

Bobby fights against time and politics to evacuate a community before an upstream dam bursts.

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Season 2

Episode 2x01


Bobby and Krista attempt to rescue a group of stranded tourists from a raging forest fire, but they need help from the rest of the Arctic Air crew if they're going to make it out alive....

Episode 2x02

Bombs Away

Bobby's sister Deanna is arrested for eco-terrorist bombings, but as Bobby works to clear her name, he learns that there's one more bomb and it's been planted on an Arctic Air plane -- with Krista aboard....

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Season 1

Episode 1x01

Out of a Clear Blue Sky

After a decade in the Vancouver business world, Bobby returns to his hometown of Yellowknife to find his late father's airline in trouble.  The reunion with his dad's old partner, Mel Ivarson, is lukewarm but Bobby isn't home to reconnect...

Episode 1x02

All In

Arctic Air is paying the price for Bobby's run-in with the well-connected and vindictive Ronnie Dearman as contracts drop faster than the temperature in Yellowknife. Unable to make payroll, Bobby orchestrates a chance meeting with Rafael Silva, a wealthy...

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