Tag Cummins

In his early 30s, Tag is the ultimate free spirit, with all of the positives and the negatives inherent in that description.  Originally from Oregon, he studied engineering at university – and dropped out halfway through his third year, to go travelling in India.  He never did go back to finish his engineering degree, but along the way he developed a computer app that made him a significant chunk of money.  It would be stretching the point to say that he’s financially set for life, but he has enough of a nest-egg to enable him to travel for several months each year, picking up temporary jobs along the way.

An adventurer to his core, wide open to new experience, Tag has travelled extensively through Asia and Europe.  He’s hiked in Nepal, and once spent three months at a Buddhist retreat in Thailand – although this latter experience had a lot to do with a young woman from Austria and tantric sexual philosophy.  Ask him sometime, and he’ll tell you.  He’s athletic and outgoing and charismatic, with a gift for living in the moment.  In Bali this past winter, he had an intense three week travellers’ romance with Krista Ivarson.  And as Season Three begins, he turns up – to Krista’s shock – in Yellowknife to see her.

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