Lindsay Gallagher

Const. Lindsay Gallagher grew up in White Horse, the daughter of an RCMP officer.  So although she’s a newcomer to Yellowknife, she’s a Northerner, accustomed to the land and its rigors and its people.  She has also learned to thrive as an attractive young woman in what is often the masculine world of policing, deploying a sly (and, when necessary, eviscerating) wit as one of her weapons.  When that proves insufficient, Lindsay also has physical tools to fall back on, including several years of MMA training.  Her police work in the Communities requires considerable intuitive smarts and sensitivity, and Lindsay has both.  Tough as nails when she needs to be, she can also find ways to deal positively with native people who live a traditional lifestyle and may in some cases speak no English.

Based in Yellowknife, she is responsible for making a regular circuit of Northern communities too small to warrant their own police officer.  With Loreen’s help, Krista has acquired for Arctic Air the contract to fly her on this circuit.  Krista and Lindsay hit it off immediately, and develop a friendship – although strains may creep in later in the season, as Lindsay begins to evolve a romantic connection with Krista’s ex-fiancé Blake.

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